I help translate business research and theory so that professionals and business owners can improve operations and strategy.


Hi, I'm Dr Tracey Wond. I have worked with international names, and sat on numerous non-profit boards. I've mentored and coached individuals from small business owners to those in big-name organisations including the NHS, Government of Malta, Cabinet Office and Rolls Royce, and worked on a range of strategic and improvement projects.

I've done this whilst working in several universities, in roles such Head of Business and Management Research and Head of Professional Doctorates (after working my way up in Lecturer and Senior Lecturer roles teaching business at all levels). I've a Ph.D. in Business and Management and published in academic journal articles, books, practitioner/professional articles and spoken at international conferences across the World.


However, I struggled to feel that academia was the best place to develop my research from or that academic outlets would be where my work had the most impact. I was working hard, writing research for other academics and not end users - the business owners, professionals and managers that I wanted to support. I was being asked to edit my work to become less usable, less consumable and more abstract. 


The more I wrote in blogs, training presentations and self-published PDFs - media more accessible to end users - the more impact I was having. I was being asked to talk at more business networking events, to more organisations, and to input into more projects. In 2020, I moved away from academia to continue to support businesses.  

I now support businesses big and small to translate research and theory into practice through training and consultancy.

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