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The ESME (virtual) Business Lounge provides access to a range of coaching and resources developed by business expert, Dr Tracey Wond.
Tracey holds a PhD in Business and Management and has taught business in universities for over 13 years, including MBA and professional programmes. She's ran her own businesses for the past 10 years and has held strategic board roles in companies and charities. Her business research has been published in books and articles.


Some 'coaches' are charging huge fees for people to join their business programmes and they're selling dreams of earning 7-figures. Not only do we believe this is unethical but it's non-sensical - you can get a degree for the price some are charging per year!
Whether you choose our support or not, we urge you to check out their credentials, training and actual performance. 
We won't promise that you'll make any additional income from our business support but you will feel more in control, find focus, and have a better understanding of organisational principles to building yourself and your business - and as a result it's likely that you will see a return. 
Businesswoman on Phone
Businesswoman on Phone


Our Business Lounge access provides you with a range of benefits including: 
A 20-minute check-in call each month;
Access to our exclusive blog articles based on organisational theory, research and experience;
Access to our short courses on subjects such as goal preparation, measuring your success, getting graphic;
Access to other challenges and discounts for events we run throughout the year. 


This service will be available from the 1st November 2020 and priced at
£15 per month. 
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Fully insured and registered with the ICO. 

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