Online and Virtual Business Managers.

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Online Business Manager (OBM) Services

Director, Dr Tracey Wond has worked with international names, sat on numerous boards, and taught business and management in universities for almost 14 years. If you're looking for strategic support but a full-time role isn't feasible then our OBM service could be for you.

Our Approach.

Getting started: If you're interested in our Services then we can start with a 30-minute discovery session to understand your needs further, and you can get to know us. Once we understand your needs we can either provide a quote for adhoc work, or discuss whether a retainer package would work better for you. 

Working with you: We can explore ways to work with, or alongside, your existing systems. We'll also schedule progress meetings to ensure both parties are satisfied with the arrangements in place.

Invoicing: For new clients, we bill the first month in advance, for subsequent months we bill at the end of each month, or you can use our recurring payment system to reduce administration.  

Through this 15-minute, no-obligation discovery call we'll listen to your needs and explore whether we've the expertise and capacity to meet them. After booking the ses...
A Free Discovery Call
15 min
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