Are you looking for a Wix Promo Code to use in the UK?

Wix promo codes are hard to come by, but we wanted to share with you some advice about how to get a discount with Wix.

Wix often run 50% off plans. In the last two weeks alone they've run two of these offers over several days. That Wix website offer will come along!

Our advice to you would be to develop your site on a free plan - you don't really want to pay for something that isn't live yet anyway! In the meantime wait for a Wix offer to come along. It will! This Wix offer has happened for many years.

Existing Wix website owners can also benefit from the discount when their plans run out. There's several options for how to do this. You could duplicate your site (free), then purchase the discounted plan for the duplicate site and move your domain over to it. Or, you can move paid plans across sites, so you could take a discounted paid plan out on a blank dummy site then move it to your main site (don't forget to cancel the old plan!). We've used both without bother.

Be patient, that discount will come!

If you need help with your Wix site then please don't hesitate to contact us. We work on a transparent hourly rate, or can quote for an inclusive project amount. Email Tracey: for a no-obligation discussion about your needs.

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