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I don't push my business coaching and support all that much so wanted to cover it a little in this post in a Q&A format.

How did you get into business?

I've been learning business since I was 13 and decided to take it up at GCSE, that lead to an a-level, a degree and even a PhD in business which I completed in 2012. That means I've studied business formal for 12 years!

From 2007 (for 13 years) I started to lecture in business and became a Senior Lecturer in Business and Management (teaching MBA and professional learners mainly but also undergrads) and later worked my way up to Head of Research in a University business school (where I worked on many external projects).

I'm lucky to have worked on some great business support projects, mainly from European and regional funding, delivering support to small and medium businesses on aspects of leadership, negotiation, communicating your impact, mentoring others and managing conflict.

I've sat on not just university management boards but on non-profit and charity boards as a Trustee and Director.

I've also supported my partner to build his own business (an industrial contract project management firm) over the past 7 years (I'm now in awe of his turnover!).

What do you offer?

I play to my strengths always - and I'm honest about my weakness!

  • I see beyond boxes and boundaries - I see connections and links between processes and the knock ons decisions will have, where others might be too stuck with the task in hand (systems thinking).

  • I'm not scared to suggest innovative solutions to problems. This supports my clients to save time and make efficiencies.

  • I'm knowledgeable on business strategy and models, team management and supporting teams through change.

  • I love undertaking reviews and research assignments to explore possible solutions.

I'm don't offer email marketing - after one piece of junk mail too many. I sometimes get too excited about your awesome ideas and I'm a sucker for a coffee meeting!

What makes you unique?

First, I'm not screaming, 'I'll make you six figures in six weeks', like many coaches that keep filling my social media! I absolutely will not do that (and most likely neither will they).

Second, my education background allied with my experience in a range of settings means I understand why things work as well as how. And if I don't know the answer, I'm curious and skilled enough to find out!

How can I work with you?

Business coaching, support and advice is priced at £45 per hour but discounted to £35 per hour to soletraderbs, partnerships and charities (correct at July 2020 but may be subject to change). Email us at

Fully insured and registered with the ICO. 

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