Wix Challenges!

We're really excited about Wix Challenges!

Wix Challenges allows Wix site owners to create new challenges over numerous days with fixed or flexible start dates. A challenge is pretty easy to create, edit and build on desktop or mobile and you can create more than one! The picture below demonstrates some of the pre-set challenges by Wix, but you can create your own very easily by clicking 'Start Fresh'..

A really interesting feature is that you can charge for your challenge - great if you want to develop your service into a more engaging offering (we're currently developing one about optimising your website, and building your brand). Alternatively, you can make these available for free - great for a fun challenge or to gain followers.

If you're thinking of new ways to engage your customers in something a little more interactive than shouting 'visit our site', then it's worth exploring Challenges. You can save them in draft form and work on them on your phone so a really life-friendly offering that allows you to develop these gradually.

You can also build in a feedback element to ask your challengees questions or seek feedback.

To use Wix Challenges go to Add apps in your Wix account, add the app and launch it. You'll see the 'create challenge' button. Wix will walk you through setting it up then (more info here: https://support.wix.com/en/article/about-wix-challenges ). People knock Wix but with business friendly solutions such as this it's really settings itself apart (which is there plan to be a wider business solutions provider!). We can help you on your Wix journey - if you need.

Your participants will need to use the Wix app to follow the challenge. That could be a good thing though - the app when customised is pretty impressive and allows for push notifications.

If you've built your site using the Wix ADI then Wix Challenges isn't currently available. We never use ADI for our Wix sites so our clients can use Wix Challenges no problem.

If you need any support then do let us know. We offer bookable coaching sessions with us here: https://www.esmecreative.com/wix-coaching

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