Email signatures for Apple Mail

If, like me, you love your Apple MacBook but hate the lack of flexibility it offers in terms of creating an email signature then you might want to try:

I've tried many other signature builders out there but often there's hidden costs which stop you getting the signature that you want - you add a social media link in and suddenly that's a premium feature and chargeable!

I recently stumbled on Si, it's easy to use and free if you're editing in the first few days. After that there's a small charge to edit your signature (or you could just alter the code in the text edit file I'll outline below).

There's two parts - making the signature and getting it into Mail. Here's what I did:

  1. Head over to and create your signature.

  2. I previewed the output file in Chrome as it suggested as some browsers including Safari sometimes don't work well (according to the instructions).

  3. I headed into mail then preferences > signatures > and created a new place for my signature to go added some random text then came out of the new entry.

  4. I went to Finder and in the menu selected Go > Go to Folder. I then entered ~/Library/Mail/ so I could find my mail files.

  5. I selected the most recent 'v' file (mine was v7)

  6. I then went into signatures and searched the most recently amended file ending I'm .mailsignature (this will be the one we created in step 3).

  7. I right clicked then selected open with and opened with 'text edit'.

  8. I went back to and copied my html code

  9. I deleted the <body> code section in text edit (delete the <body> text too) and copied in my html. The code I pasted began with a table format <table>

  10. I saved the text edit (File > Save) then locked the text edit (click the title then select the locked checkbox).

  11. I restarted Mail, started to compose a new email and voila! My new attractive and professional email signature was ready and waiting.

Hope it works for you!

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