How do I create infographics?

This is the reason I initially trained in graphic design! My PhD was in evaluation and in evaluation we write a lot of reports. I was keen to set myself apart from others by being able to present these Uber-effectively.

If you're not used to designing on the likes of Adobe software then a good starting point for infographics is on a dedicate app or software, or on Canva:

  • The likes of PiktoChart and Venngage offer free options if you're not making too many infographics but these are watermarked/branded.

  • Canva offer a free version and a range of templates for infographics, it's easy to change the colour, and add and edit text, and you can export/share your design in a range of formats (pictures, pdfs, custom embed):

If you're used to more professional design packages such as Adobe Illustrator then there are a great deal of stock template vector files that you can use as a starting point - for instance.

Our Tips if you're making infographics for a report

Consider shapes, fonts and colour that you're using in your document - have you used sharp boxes, or circles? A particular colour palette or heading font? Try to tie your infographic into your report style more generally (or if you have to, why not try styling your report around your stunning infographic?)

Use icons

Small icons can make the world of difference to your data presentation. A relevant icon with a text box underneath and voila - we'll let you class that as an infographic! How might you use the icons in the image below to make an infographic? What might the icons represent?

Knowing when to give up

Sometimes your design just isn't going right. Do you use it, knowing it's ineffective? Or, use it because you've invested the time and effort? That's your call - but remember - you're exploring infographics to better serve your audience - if your infographic isn't meeting that need then is it of value?

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