Is Wix's SEO ok?

Today alone we've listened to two people tell us that they've heard that Wix's SEO is a bit rubbish.

That's not our experience. Yes - when we look into the SEO of those with Wix sites we often find the site owners have not optimised their site to get found well on Google - but in the hands of someone that knows what they're doing your Wix site can feature in top results.

We have clients who work in very competitive sectors who rank top with their Wix site. For instance, beauticians in cities ranking top against thousands of others. But don't underestimate the amount of off-site SEO work to get you there. One tip for any Wix site owner is to make sure you have a Google My Business account setup and verified and be actively accepting/encourage reviews,

By their own admission, a few years ago, Wix weren't up to scratch with their SEO, as a website builder this was a critical flaw for them and they've spent much time investing in their SEO capabilities and we believe they have it right. If you're not sure what you're doing we offer SEO services or the Get Found by Google feature in your Dashboard (under Marketing and SEO) is a great place to start.

In an awesome battle between Wix lovers and haters, the Wix team won at getting a particular keyword string ranked highest: . Let me repeat that Wix won at SEO in a high stakes competition!

For more on Wix SEO see here:

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