The greatest mistake on Wix - SEO!

We support many Wix site owners with their existing websites. Often they'll have asked us to make their website look a little prettier - 95% of the time though we find their site is not optimised for search engines and more often than not, it is not connected to Google.

We can entirely understand why you want your website to look nice, and with social media it's great to be able to redirect your social media visitors straight to your site. But if it can't be found via search engines you could be really reducing your visitors.

Wix have some great tools in 'Marketing and SEO' or we offer SEO services from £40 for a one hour review, right through to more thorough keyword research and optimisation.

Is your Wix site getting found on Google?

Have you optimised what's on your Wix pages?

Have you optimised titles and descriptions that sit behind your Wix blog posts, pages and store items?

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