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Updated: Feb 26

...and proud

We've seen a lot of debates on social media lately about lots of things Wix. Is Wix SEO good enough? Why would you want support for your Wix website (rather than DIY)? As Wix Marketplace partners it bothers us a bit to see Wix put down.

We wanted to put together a quick post for those new and perhaps a bit confused about building their Wix website. It contains a little bit of Wix myth debunking and advice.


Wix's SEO was a bit iffy a while ago but it's come on at great pace since with lots of great SEO tools now built in and advanced SEO tools available for those that know what they're doing. The ease at which Wix now integrates with Google is suggestive of a positive relationship there too.

Take a search for Wix lovers vs haters. A competition where Wix developers and other web developers go head to head to get a site ranked most highly. In the last round Wix developers won!

So why would people 'dis' Wix's SEO? Well, first the legacy left behind from when it wasn't so good. Second, there's a lot of amateurs on Wix - they make a site look ok but none of the technical aspects are seen to and they go on to blame Wix (so many people expect to build a site then rank first!). Third, your Uber-professional agencies are not going to strongly advocate a DIY builder when they can throw Wordpress and all it's really difficult, ever-updating-and-breaking plug-ins at you (that they'll charge you to maintain each month)! We know Wordpress and we just don't enjoy it or feel it's a sustainable web solution for our clients (those less computer savvy who want a cost-effective solution for their business).

Wix Marketplace Partners

We're Wix Marketplace Partners and, whilst there is a route to pay to get into that marketplace, we earned our position there. We submitted our portfolio for review after working with enough clients to become eligible and our portfolio made the mark.

We see a lot of people offering help on Wix without much credibility of identity. Look out for Wix website designers who feature on the Wix Marketplace, it may be worth limiting your searches to your country (there can be variations particularly around payment providers), and try to find someone/an agency who has expertise in your field (again there are variations in styles, and in some areas like CBD and pharmaceuticals there are limited payment provider options).

If you're looking for low code Wix designers who can help with Wix Ascend solutions and Wix's Bookings, Stores, Pricing Plans/ Subscription and Events then you're in the right place. ESME Creative specialise in Wix Business Solutions offering. Not only that but with extensive experience in business leadership we understand more than just the website build - how do your customers think? how can you work more efficiently and save time? We try to add value to our clients businesses.

I thought Wix was free?

We hear this a lot. You can have a free .wixsite.com domain but you'll be limited in the functionality just like free versions of other business and marketing favourites such as Canva, MailChimp and Typeform. If you're wanting to go somewhere with your business we'd at least suggest paying for your own connect domain plan so that you can get your Wix site found on Google and it looks that little bit more professional.

I can't get my Wix website to look great?

We do a lot of tidy up work! And we love it. Populating your Wix site and giving it an initial look and feel is one thing but often it's not technically well built and that can mean it doesn't respond in some browsers or on some devices, other times it means the SEO hasn't been set.

It can be worth exploring someone to spend an hour or two tidying up your Wix site. We offer tidy-ups at £35-40 per hour and have received such glowing feedback about the results. To take your site from unpolished to professional for circa £80 might be money well spent! Check out one of our Google reviews:

"Tracey was so easy to work with; professional, personable and she did an incredible job of making my website look and work brilliantly. After months spent faffing around trying to 'do it myself', Tracey seemingly effortlessly and incredibly quickly worked with it to create something I just couldn't have" (Lucy, Client)

Is Wix worth it?

We're biased but of course we believe 'Yes'. We believe it provides business owners with a site they're better able to control and afford. It requires less technical expertise than the likes of Wordpress. However, we would highly recommend that you hire someone to review your Wix website to ensure it's technically setup too. We're yet to see a site that ticked all the boxes.

If you're looking for Wix design support please get in touch: hello@esmecreative.com

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