What do our pre-flight checks consist of?

Building your website is not simply the case of making everything look pretty on a page. There is a long list of activities that we must do to get your site perfect, make sure it is accessible and to get it found.

Unless specified, we undertake the following checks before handing over your website:

  • Ensure it looks great on mobile and optimising it for mobile users

  • Checking your site across a range of browsers and devices including iPad and mobile devices.

  • Ensuring SEO data is set across the site including page data and images.

  • Ensuring your site is accessible to an extent, exploring aspects such as optimum colour contrast and alternative text on images (for those with screen readers for instance).

  • Setting a favicon (the little square image in your browser bar)(for premium Wix plan holders only).

  • Setting a 404 page (the page someone reaches when they hit a broken link)(for premium Wix plan holders only).

  • Advising you of legal wording your site should have for your business type.

We'll send a feedback link for your site before handover which allows you to mark-up any aspects of your site that are not quite right for you so that we can explore and resolve.

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ESME Creative are website and graphic designers based in Derbyshire. We are Wix Icon partners which means we are on level 4 of 5 of the Wix partner ladder. We've built a range of sites including booking platforms, online courses, online stores, and more simply brochures sites. We've worked for clients in retail, universities, floristry, coaching, wellness and the charity sector.

Fully insured and registered with the ICO. 

Fernlea, Bridle Lane, Stanton, Derbyshire, DE15 9TQ

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Tel: 07760 175782

Office hours: Mon-Fri; 9.30-4.30