What’s a WIX Power Hour like?

Here at ESME Creative we offer Wix Power Hours. These are screen shared video calls with Wix site owners where we either work live on their site and show them what we are doing as we go, or we coach them as they work on their site.

We did a Wix Power hour with a lovely lady this evening. She had come so far with her site but it wasn’t quite as she wanted before launch. We had quite a lot to cover in our Power Hour.

She booked straight from our website which let her to pick a convenient time and pay within minutes. Her confirmation email contained a Zoom link ahead of the call. Ahead of the meeting, she also provided me with access to her site as a website administrator. At the time of the call, we both logged in and I shared my screen and we began.

We covered the following sort of issues:

  • resetting her mobile view.

  • showing her how to add SEO detail to items.

  • how to create collection pages for product collections she had categorised her items into.

  • adding filters and sorting to her shop pages.

  • adjusting the view of her cart page and blog post pages.

  • showing her where and how to make SEO improvements.

  • Using strips instead of placing items straight on the page and why this is a good idea.

  • we also covered some basic business coaching points about preparing for her launch.

A lot to cover in the time! My client benefited by learning from what I did, and her site benefited from the hour I spent working live on her site. We achieved a lot.

My client was armed with pen and paper to take notes and get the best out of her time on the Power Hour. To book your session:


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