Have you used and checked your Wix Automations?

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

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If you're on a Wix Business plan and use features such as Wix Pricing Plans, you can set automations or these may already be set for you.

2 automations are included in the standard business unlimited package but if you have pricing plans active then standard automations such as informing clients they have signed up to a pricing plan, or that it has expired are also included.

If you're using Wix pricing plans:

You'll find that you have several automations set but that you can personalise. Head to 'Customer Management' then 'Automations' to see the automations that you have.

From here you can edit the email that gets sent to your clients for instance changing the style, backgrounds, text, and adding logos, links and buttons.

This is a great way to personalise the communications your clients receive and explain further the value you'll add and how your plan will work in more detail (for instance, forms you'll need them to complete, member resources they might be interested in).

Other automations:

Automations can be used for a host of things, although there are likely only 2 included in your plan unless you upgrade to one of the premium Ascend packages. The Ascend packages do remove the 'Ascend by Wix' branding and allow multi-step forms, more email mailshots, payment by form and better chat functions (among other things).

With your 2 automations you might wish to setup notifications to yourself (when a client does something on your site), or to clients, but there are a host of options.

To build an automation:

Select the Wix function you want to trigger - for instance - you want to add an automation to a form submission. Next, select what happens - for instance, you receive an email or the client receives and email. Next, there are customisation options (such as formatting your template), Finally, you can select when this triggers - straight away? an hour later? etc.

If you need support then we've developed many, many automations and can support you.

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