Wix Coaching

We're been asked more and more to spend an hour or two enhancing existing Wix websites, either because business owners don't have the time, have become stuck or need another opinion. As a result, we've met some lovely site and business owners, improved the functionality, usability and number of quality visitors to their sites.

To respond to this demand, we've created a new booking function that allows you to book time with us to go through your Wix site. You can find more about this service here: https://www.esmecreative.com/wix-coaching

To book:

  1. Go to https://www.esmecreative.com/wix-coaching

  2. Choose the service you require (initially this is a one hour service but we'll be adding further options);

  3. Select the date you'd like your session.

  4. Available times for that day will open. Select a time.

  5. Complete our booking form making sure your email address in particular is correct. If you've a coupon code (we sometimes pop these on Facebook) then enter it in the box on the right. Don't forget to check out our Cancellation Policy.

  6. Pay via debit/credit card or PayPal.

  7. We'll send you a confirmation and later a reminder with details about dialling into Zoom for our one-to-one.

Tips for getting the best out of your session:

  • Let us know in advance of anything in particular you want to go through (there's room on our booking form). Or email us hello@esmecreative.com

  • Consider providing us with permission to view your site as a website administrator (this access level allows us to see the backend of your site without seeing any of your clients' personal details. Otherwise, we can coach you on functions in our demonstrator site.

  • Try to perform the Zoom call on a desktop computer that way you'll be able to see any screen shares better.

If we can help at all then please do let us know! hello@esmecreative.com


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