Websites we love: the sleek, simple and classy

Over the last week we've talked with clients a lot about the look and feel of their websites versus their price points, USP, personality and ideal client profile.

So we've decided to put together a series of posts about the brands and sites we think portray certain things. Today we're focusing on sleek, classy and simple. Time of writing and research 11-13th July (we'll update this post later with more as well).

First up: Katie Loxton.

This turned out to be expensive research since we ended up purchasing their gift sets!

Logo: You'll see that many strong classy brands use word mark logos and simple really can be better. Katie Loxton Ltd aren't scared to present their logos in different colours (white, silver, gold) as it suits - many business owners get into a trap of thinking they need to stick with their single palette. Their branding pulls off something classy - the sale of their simple quote clutches are testament to this.

Website: Their website is high on visuals and they've opted for a large photo strip which rotates on the home page - quite on trend and great for non-essential items. This homepage is absolutely buildable on Wix and we've designed similar over the past months (before even stumbling on theirs!). One observation some of their visuals don't offer enough contrast with their menu making some menu items difficult to read.

Second: The White Company:

Logo: We wanted to show this one because of its sheer simplicity. A basic font with white background and a thin rectangular border. Again, like Katie Loxton - how effective is 'simple'?!

Website: Whilst we don't really enjoy navigating their site, we do like the simple presentation of text throughout their home page and the simple colour palette of white background, black text and red for emphasis (in the case of their sale banners).

Third: DoodieStark:

Logo: The white and grey logo on the dark banner looks really impactful.

Website: The darker header banner really accentuates the menu options too. We don't like the pink Wishlist and cart notifications set against the red buttons though. Interestingly though, red call to actions buttons (like the 'Discover the collection' example) convert to sales better (read the Hubspot test on the blog link we've posted below for more on that).

What's your favourite simple website and branding examples? Let us know

We'll cover more colourful and creative sites in the future but to end we wanted to share two resources:

1) this colour generator tool from Canva. Simply upload your photo or image and it will suggest colour palettes from it.

2) If you're interested in learning more about which colours convey what then this article is pretty neat:

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