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We offer document and poster print and lamination services with local (Swadlincote; Burton) and National delivery available. 



Need a document or poster to be printed, or printed and laminated? We offer A4, A5 and A3 document printing using genuine HP inks and printed at 'best' quality.

Printing price per sheet: 

A4 and A5: 75p (80gsm b&w or colour)(double sided £1.30)

A3: £1.10 (80gsm b&w or colour)(double-sided £2.00)

Lamination/encapsulation price per laminate sheet (doesn't include print)(gloss laminate): 

A4: £2.00

A3: £3.00

Print and laminate

A4: £2.50

A3: £4.00

Larger batch print, community/charity discounts available. 

Special papers may be available upon request. 

Please remember this service involves a lot more than the price of paper - our electricity, ink/laminates, labour, payment processing fees, wear and tear on our equipment, waste from occasional paper jams etc. 


We deliver within 2 miles of Stanton (DE15 9) (show on map) for:

 £2.00 (standard 4-day turnaround

 £3.00 (express 2-day turnaround) 

Delivery for less than 10 sheets: £3.00 (standard turnaround 2 day print; allow 3 days in transits*)

Delivery for more than 10 sheets: Price upon request. 

*not guaranteed. Please contact us about special delivery. 


Email us at with a copy of/cloud link to your file(s) and details of the number of pages, number of copies, paper size, whether you'd like single/double-side printing, and whether you require any or all pages laminating. 

We'll respond with a written quote and a link to pay for your order. Once payment is received we will proceed to process your order. 

Don't forget we design posters, brochures and logos too!

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Fully insured and registered with the ICO. 

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