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Personalised wooden knob

Personalised wooden knob


Want your drawer or door to look a little bit more you or to bring a smile?


We engrave these knobs ourselves to get the image and text that you want. Just pop us the image or text you'd like and we'll do the rest.




Here's some inspiration:

"TOYS" - For kids toy boxes

"DON'T OPEN" - Add a bit of mystery

"JACK" - label your families drawers.

"KNOB" - Insult and naughty knobs


These come with one screw to attach to your drawer/door. These screw from the other side of the unit.


If your door/unit is particularly chunky you may need to source a larger M4 type screw.


Please allow 5 days design and manufacture time on top of delivery time (3-5 business days).

  • Specifications

    • Size: 4cm diameter x 2.5cm depth
    • Colour: Natural Wood
    • Material: Superba Wood
    • Weight: Can hold up to 1kg
    • Detail: Designed and engraved by us here in the UK.