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Stanton Leavers Hoodies


Hello. I'm Tracey, a parent at School and I'm sorting some primary leaver hoodies for the Year 6's. 

We're using local supplier TwentyTwelve for these and they're able to sort them in time - if we're quick! We know there are cheaper bulk leaver hoodie websites out there - but with less than 2 weeks and small quantities we've had to rule these out - and it's good to support local! 

A lot of the parents have said they'd like grey hoodies so we'll go with this and black writing. On the back, the hoodies will have the first names of class members underneath Stanton Leavers 2021 as pictured here (we're just checking on the names with the school). On the front, they have the child's initials.

There can be no refunds or exchanges after you've ordered as these are personalised and ordered in especially (and I'm doing this to help out so I can't be left out of pocket). 

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Order by: Sunday 11th July 11pm.

Receive your hoodies at School: on 21st July (the day before term end).


Hoodie price - child sizes: £19.95

Hoodie price - adult sizes: £22.95

We must receive payment in full using the order form below.

Orders must be made using the form rather than FB etc so everything is together and nothing gets missed.

The price covers the hoodie from TwentyTwelve and because I'm using Stripe or PayPal to take the payment (so I don't have to faff tallying up bank statements or have any bank transfers go awol) I'm charged around 95p per transaction (20p plus c.3%) which I've added on so I'm not out of pocket.

Leavers Hoodie Order Form


Select an item (£)

With hoodies it can be best to go bigger - everyone likes an oversized hoodie!

If you need a size not listed then pop in the comments box. If you've a query you can contact TwentyTwelve here: Twentytwelveonline@gmail.com 07803 838023

Thanks for your order!

I'm sorry you're a bit late. Please email hello@esmecreative.com to see if we can add you on.