SumUp Card Readers

We've partnered with SumUp

SumUp powers the checkouts of many of our client sites. Their low processing charges are just one reason. 

We're delighted to now be able to offer their card readers and printers to help you on the go too - and with our support to help you to decide whether they're right for you.

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Easy and Reliable

We've partnered with SumUp because we've used their card payment devices for several years and have enjoyed the experience.


We've found them easy to use, just charge them up, log in to your SumUp account, connect them to your device and start taking customer payments.

More than one business? Just login to another SumUp account with the same reader. 


Not only does your device accept debit and credit cards but SumUp accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay too. 

You can also send customers texts with a payment request. 

The SumUp app is feature-packed allowing you to send payment links and invoices, as well as creating a catalogue to make the point of sale process either. 

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The price of SumUp devices varies according to model and occasional offers. Check out our Consultant Store for offers and pricing.  

Buy online


You can explore or buy a reader via our SumUp Consultant store. Delivery is fulfilled directly by SumUp and takes 2-3 working days.

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Not ready?

If you want to explore whether SumUp is right for you then please do get in touch:

If you've worked with us before then you'll know we provide honest advice with no hard-sell.