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Using a Wix Partner saves you time.

Many of our clients say they wish they had used our Services earlier. 

Perhaps you've spent dozens and dozens of hours trying to perfect your site but it still isn't there? 

We use Wix and all its apps on a daily basis and have done for over 9 years - with that comes expertise and we're able to work carefully but quickly and efficiently on your site. We also commit to a great deal of Wix training to get the best of it's features. 

Our 2-hour tidy-up is usually sufficient to deal with minor layout and app issues with a quick 48-hour turnaround often available. 4-7 hours is usually enough to reformat a 6 page site. We charge on a transparent £50 per hour basis (we often work over that at no extra charge for yourself but we never work under!). 

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Can't get your site to look right?

You think you've built your site perfectly but then you view it on your mobile or a friend tells you it all looks a bit odd - aargh! 

Whilst Wix make building a website do-able there are a few Golden rules and design techniques to help it be more responsive on other devices. 

A popular service, we can provide tidy-ups on a transparent hourly basis. Since we're data protection trained and ICO registered, your client data is safe with us. 

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Why is my Wix site not being found?

It's a myth that Wix is rubbish for SEO. 

Wix have invested in their SEO capabilities and continue to do so. Often we find that there are a range of both on and off page SEO measures that site owners haven't considered. We've top ranking clients in competitive searches.

We can help. With a one-hour coaching session (£50) we can explore with you what you're missing and (for an additional charge) plot an action plan for either you or us to fix. 

We're a non-proprietary agency and so unfortunately don't offer ongoing SEO support (and art in itself and sometimes slightly elusive!). We'd suggest an SEO specialist for this. 


Need an entirely new website? 

Leave it to us. 

We offer full site builds with a range of site functions including online courses, membership platforms, blogs, online stores, bookings/ coaching services or simple brochure sites. 

We're experienced in working with small to medium businesses, university and publicly-funded projects and charities. Here, we excel with our knowledge of these sectors and important aspects such as accessibility, security and GDPR. 

We blend extensive business knowledge with design and website skills to bring you a website that works. 

We build using Wix as we believe this provides a solution that our clients can sustain for themselves. Reducing cost and improving flexibility. 

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